Hitherbest Steps Up to Fundraising Challenge

This April, volunteers from Hitherbest took part in a 250,000 step challenge to raise money for 3 local charities – Severn Hospice, West Mercia Womens Aid and Hilbrae Rescue Kennels

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Hitherbest Steps Up to Fundraising Challenge

This April, volunteers from Hitherbest took part in a 250,000 step challenge to raise money for 3 local charities – Severn Hospice, West Mercia Womens Aid and Hilbrae Rescue Kennels
Oct 2023

Gas consumption slashed by installation of new powder-coating plant

For Hitherbest, investing in a new conveyorised track, oven and paint system for powder coating has led to a welcome reduction in the company’s carbon emissions, as well as significantly reducing the company’s gas bill.
Sep 2023

Hitherbest welcomes Kieren to the management team

Hitherbest is delighted to announce that Kieren Greenwood has been promoted to Assistant Production Manager and Scott Hindley has transitioned to Assistant Operations Manager, as the company broadens and strengthens its leadership team.
Jul 2023

Paint-line investment to reap rewards

Hitherbest is once again offering a full powder coating service, now that work to replace the company’s conveyorised paint-line is complete.
May 2023

Wearing it Green for Mental Health Awareness Week

Hitherbest is showing its support for Mental Health Awareness Week by holding its first Wear it Green Day!
May 2023

Paint-line upgrade to temporarily disrupt powder coating services

Hitherbest is excited to announce that work to replace and upgrade its conveyorized powder coating plant will begin on the 5th June. This investment is expected to increase the company’s powder coating capacity and deliver both energy savings and productivity gains.
Apr 2023

Hitherbest supports the Armed Forces Covenant

Hitherbest has signed the Armed Forces Covenant, demonstrating the company’s support for armed forces service personnel, past and present, and their families.
Nov 2022

Tender Opportunity November 2022

Apr 2021

Hitherbest increases capacity with state-of-the art punch press

Hitherbest is pleased to announce that it has taken delivery of a brand new Trumpf TruPunch 5000, which will increase the sheet metal punching capacity at its Telford site.
Mar 2021

Grant Funding Supports Carbon Emissions Cut

Hitherbest is celebrating the award of £20,000 in grant funding from the Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP), which will facilitate the purchase of a new, more energy-efficient punch press machine for its Telford factory.
Feb 2021

Reward Scheme Boosts Productivity

A Hitherbest bonus scheme designed to reward staff who work effectively has yielded big gains in productivity, recent analysis suggests. Initially introduced in 2019, the scheme linked end-of-year staff bonus payments to the correct clocking of route cards on the shop floor.
Oct 2020

BBC Online speak to Hitherbest Owner, Dr Nicky Evans

Hitherbest has featured in a BBC article discussing international trade, as the company’s base of Telford, in Shropshire, has been identified as the town or city in the UK with the highest proportion of exports going to the EU.
Jul 2020

Join Hitherbest at Backing Britain 2020

Hitherbest is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at Backing Britain 2020 – a virtual exhibition showcasing the best in UK manufacturing and engineering, organised by the Made In Group.
Jun 2020

Hitherbest marks 35 successful years in business

Hitherbest will be marking its 35-year anniversary on the 19th June and is looking forward to a bright future, despite the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the UK economy.
Jun 2021

Hugely positive response to new Hitherbest COVID-19 products

We’ve been delighted by the positive feedback we’ve received following the recent launch of our COVID-19 products. Many businesses, local authorities and other public sector bodies have been in touch with us to find out more about our new steel stencils and hygiene stations. Initially designed for use on our own premises, these products can assist organisations to promote social distancing and good hygiene on their sites, in an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus.
May 2020

Hitherbest is COVID-19 secure

After the UK government released new guidance on working safely in factories, plants and warehouses on the 11th May...
Mar 2020

Hitherbest Open for Business as Usual

In the light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we would like to take this opportunity to reassure our valued customers and suppliers that Hitherbest remains open for business, as usual.
Feb 2020

Supporting employee wellness in 2020

Our employees are at the heart of our fabrication business. Without their skills and expertise, we simply would not be able to produce the quality fabrications that Hitherbest is known for. So, as a business, we work hard to keep hold of, and recruit, talented staff.
Dec 2019

5 reasons to be cheerful – Hitherbest’s year in numbers

Manufacturing may be in stasis but at Hitherbest sheet metal fabrications there are plenty of reasons for seasonal cheer.
Oct 2019

Terrific Trio Celebrate 20 Years at Hitherbest

Our superb employees are at the heart of our sheet metal fabrication business.
Sep 2019

Hitherbest Invests in Laser Technology

We are delighted to announce that Hitherbest has purchased an Amada Quattro Laser Cutting Machine, extending the company’s sheet metal fabrication capabilities.
Jul 2019

Hitherbest fabrications are proudly Made in the Midlands

Here at Hitherbest we are proud of our Midlands roots, having fabricated sheet metal in our Telford factory for over 33 years. Our region has excellent transport links, infrastructure and a talented community – ensuring Hitherbest has access to staff with the manufacturing skills and experience that the company needs.
Jun 2019

Satisfying, productive, creative – why it’s great to be a woman in engineering

In the run up to International Women in Engineering Day 2019, owner and Director Dr. Nicky Evans reflects on her first year at Hitherbest and why she would like to encourage all young people to consider a career in engineering.
May 2019

Hitherbest customers reap benefit of new barcode system

At Hitherbest we strive to offer the best possible customer service and are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes, deliver efficiencies and guarantee that our products exceed the high quality-standards expected. Which is why we are delighted to have introduced a new labelling system to simplify Goods Out and our customers’ Goods In.
Apr 2019

An embossed logo on your fabrication will make your branding last

Over recent months the Hitherbest team have received a number of enquiries and requests from customers regarding the embossing of sheet metal fabrications. Many of our savvy customers are considering shifting to embossing as a means of branding products with their company logo, and are turning their backs on less durable alternatives such as stickers.
Mar 2019

Hitherbest joins the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

At Hitherbest we are proud of our Shropshire heritage. Since the company was established in 1985 it has been based in Telford, where there are excellent transport links to the rest of the UK and the company has access to a labour market rich with people with the manufacturing and engineering skills the company needs.
Jan 2019

Funding Boost For Efficiency Improvements

Taking steps to save energy and to minimise the environmental impact of business are essential to tackle climate change, but also make good business sense. That’s why at Hitherbest we are celebrating securing two grants containing money from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which will part-pay for improvements to our West Midlands manufacturing facility.
Nov 2018

Energy Savings Celebrated in Local Press

An article in today’s Shropshire Star has highlighted recent improvements to the Hitherbest powder coating line that have resulted in significant annual energy savings.
Oct 2018

Investment continues with purchase of Trumpf Trumatic 5000R punching machine

At Hitherbest we are continually investing in machinery and skills so that we can continue to offer our customers the very best in precision engineering.
Aug 2018

Hitherbest successfully transition to ISO 9001:2015

Hitherbest successfully transitions from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.
Aug 2018

Improved Powder Coating With Our Updated Line

Here at Hitherbest, we are committed to offering our customers the very best in sheet metal fabrication and are constantly investing in new technologies to ensure that the quality of our production is the best of British.
May 2018

From prototyping to production – the benefits of partnering with Hitherbest

Here at Hitherbest, we pride ourselves in catering for the entire manufacturing process from inception to production. This means that from the very first prototype to the final product, you can be assured of accuracy, quality and compatibility no matter how complex the project.
Apr 2018

Chris Evans

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Founder and Chairman Chris Evans after a sudden illness.
Mar 2018

Hitherbest – Representing the very best in Quality Sheet metal Fabrication

When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, there is one thing that stands out above all else in terms of importance – quality. Although increased competition from overseas competitors has given UK manufacturers access to lower cost solutions, this often comes at a compromise as the quality of production may not always be of the standards demanded. This can cost both time and money in the long term, as well as undermining the reputation of companies in some case.
Jan 2018

Why 2018 is looking great for British Manufacturing

With the much talked-about Brexit negotiations far from completed and the clock ticking on the deadline to have everything in place, it is easy to assume that the outlook for British manufacturing is anything but optimistic. All the evidence, however, indicates that in fact 2017 was one of the best years ever for the ‘Made in Britain’ badge and the trend looks set to continue into 2018 and beyond. So what is it that makes British manufacturing so important and why should more companies seek to keep production within the UK – not just for the short term, but for the foreseeable future? We take a closer look.
Dec 2017

Seasons Greetings from Hitherbest

As Christmas fast approaches, we would like to wish all of our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.
Nov 2017

3 Reasons why ‘Made in Britain’ matters more than ever

In a world where the manufacturing market is flooded by cheap (often imitation) goods from countries such as China, car manufacturers have become a homogenous blend due to the boardroom goings on of massive, faceless investment boards and numerous production lines have been shifted elsewhere in Europe and beyond to take advantage of lower labour costs, it is easy to come the to the conclusion that the ‘Great’ has gone from Britain and that ‘Made in Britain’ no longer matters.
Sep 2017

Sheet Metal Forming at Hitherbest

Sheet metal forming is a broadly used term that is used to refer to a wide range of metalworking processes that are used to manufacture parts, components and finished products for numerous applications including industrial fittings and housings, vehicle components, office equipment and household appliances to name but a few.
Sep 2017

Powder Coating – The Superior Metal Finish

When a tough, scratch resistant and durable finish to a product is required, powder coating is often the best choice.
Aug 2017

Sheet Metal Fabrication Explained

In the broadest sense, sheet metal fabrication refers to the process of creating metal structures using various techniques including cutting, bending and assembly.
Jul 2017

What You Need To Know About Sheet Metal Punching

Sheet metal punching is a metal fabrication process that is extremely commonly used and plays an essential role in modern manufacturing.
Jul 2017

Increasing hire rate as confidence in UK industry rises

From small manufacturers to large-scale producers, the UK manufacturing industry is both creating and filling jobs at a year-and-a-half record level. The report was written by research group IHS Markit shows growing confidence and optimism among Uk based manufacturers.
Mar 2017

Brexit: What does it mean for the Manufacturing Industry?

Yesterday marked a historical day for the UK. With the triggering of Article 50 the process of leaving the European Union has begun and with that the journey into the somewhat unknown.
Jul 2016

Manufacturing in the UK

Despite much misleading information, did you know that manufacturing currently makes up around 25% of UK GDP? With an estimated 2.6 million people employed directly in UK manufacturing, many UK SMEs are keen to bring their manufacturing back to the UK.