Waste and Recycling

Hitherbest supplies robust and long-lasting fabrications for industrial cleaning, waste and recycling operations.

At Hitherbest we are pleased to serve companies operating in the waste and recycling sector. As the world faces up to the problems of climate change and environmental degradation, these businesses are integral to our collective journey towards a circular economy and a sustainable future.

Robust, expertly-welded fabrications

Fabrications destined for the waste and recycling industry may be routinely exposed to noxious gases or liquids and customers, rightly, require them to be robust and long-lasting. 

The Hitherbest welding team is highly skilled and all have experience in fabricating components for the waste industry. Unlike production welders, who typically undertake highly repetitive work against the clock, the welders at Hitherbest are trusted experts, who are given the time and space to get the job done properly, so you can have confidence that your fabrication will meet your requirements.

A flexible and experienced low-mid volume fabrication partner

With over 40 members of staff and 17,000 ft\(^2\) of space, Hitherbest is well placed to undertake production runs of standard items for the waste industry, such as drainage trays. 

However, unlike other fabrication businesses comparable in size and capability, we are also willing to work with partners in the waste and recycling industry who require complex one-off or low-volume fabrications such as manifold assemblies. 

When undertaking a high-value bespoke project, it pays to choose a fabricator that has an established quality management system and an enviable track record for customer service. For the past 35 years Hitherbest has thrived on its reputation for excellence. If you choose to partner with us you can be sure that we will take the time to build a relationship with you and fully understand your project requirements.


Fabrications produced by our specialist team include:

  • Gas mixing manifold assemblies
  • Drainage trays
  • Parts washers
  • Shredder enclosures
No items found.