August 2018

Improved Powder Coating With Our Updated Line


Here at Hitherbest, we are committed to offering our customers the very best in sheet metal fabrication and are constantly investing in new technologies to ensure that the quality of our production is the best of British.

As part of our ongoing efforts to raise standards, we are proud to announce that we have now completed our work to improve the powder coating line and box oven. This latest improvement in our facilities means that we are able to finish products to a higher standard and are operating even more efficiently, so customers can be confident that they can rely on us to deliver the high-quality, rapid and reliable service that we are known for.

Modulating Burners

Our on-off burner assemblies have now been replaced with modulating burners which give much greater control over the heat signatures. As well as improving efficiency, these burners help to optimise temperature uniformity and achieve tight tolerances.

GEMA Optiflex Technologies

We have now installed both manual and automatic GEMA Optiflex powder coating guns. This industry-leading Swiss-made equipment uses precise charge control (PCC) and is coupled with a Super Corona gun system resulting in a significant improvement in the consistency of powder application, while the unique GEMA technology prevents overcharging. This helps to improve the penetration of the powder and reduces problems such as orange peel, back-ionization and picture frames caused by the accumulation of free ions.

The GEMA system is able to adapt to powders with different formulations and characteristics, ensuring the best possible results every time, even for projects with complex specifications. This innovative technology ensures that even the most challenging powders are ideally charged(such as structured and metallic powders, porcelain enamel and 2-coats 1-fire powders), resulting in a more attractive, high precision finish, even when high film thicknesses are required.

The use of Super Corona technology means that there is better penetration of the powder into corners, making it particularly suitable for complex fabrications.

Improved Efficiency

At Hitherbest we are always striving to improve production efficiency, in order to reduce the environmental impact of our steel fabrication processes, to ensure that we can offer our customers the lowest possible prices and, importantly, to enable us to provide the fast and high-quality service that our customers expect. We are very excited by the improved efficiency this latest investment will deliver.

RAL and Custom Colours

Our powder coating facilities offer a range of standard RAL colours, as detailed on our Colour Reference Guide. We carry a range of common colours and finishes in stock and are able to order others as required. In such cases we advise that you contact our experienced team to discuss your requirements in more detail.

With a reputation for trust and quality that has been built up over our 35 years in business, Hitherbest of Telford is your ideal UK-based sheet metal fabrication partner. Whether you are looking for a manufacturing partner to outsource a new project, for a secondary supplier to provide additional capacity or to make a switch from your existing manufacturer, nobody is better placed than Hitherbest to ensure that the production of your order runs smoothly from the outset. Call us today on 01952 632100 to discuss your requirements.

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