Machine Enclosures and Guards

Hitherbest manufactures machine housing designed to keep our customers’ equipment, and its end-users, safe.

At Hitherbest we work with a range of OEMs who require sheet metal enclosures or guards to protect their equipment, keep end-users safe and reduce unwanted noise or emissions. 
We are able to construct enclosures from mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium, working with sheets up to 6mm in thickness.

Optimised thermal dynamics

Maintaining air flow and managing the temperature within enclosures is often key to ensuring the machinery inside performs at its best. 

Hitherbest has two industry-leading CNC punching machines, and a wealth of tooling, enabling us to create enclosures with a variety of cut-outs forms for ventilation. We are particularly experienced in the manufacture of perforated, anti-ligature fabrications. 

The perfect finish

Regardless of the performance of your equipment, if it is not housed in a professional-looking enclosure, with a clean and even finish, your prospective customers may lack the confidence to place an order. 

At Hitherbest, we have over 35 years’ powder coating experience. Our 17,000ft\(^2\) factory has its own powder-coating facility, capable of coating and curing metal measuring 4 x 1.5m wide or up to 3m\(^2\). We use a GEMA Optiflex powder coating system, which prevents the powder particles from becoming overcharged. This ensures a superior finish, improving the penetration of the powder into the corners of enclosures.

A full assembly service

Many customers choose to simplify their supply chain by taking advantage of Hitherbest’s full assembly service. We are able to source and fit metal and non-metal parts, such as hinges, locks and seals, in our dedicated assembly and packaging area, ensuring that your enclosure arrives ready to use.


Fabrications produced by our specialist team include:

  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Pneumatic enclosures
  • Hydraulic enclosures
  • Machine guards
  • Control boxes
  • Mounting plates and frames
  • Drive covers
  • Heat shields
  • Bracketry
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