May 2019

Hitherbest customers reap benefit of new barcode system


At Hitherbest we strive to offer the best possible customer service and are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes, deliver efficiencies and guarantee that our products exceed the high quality-standards expected. Which is why we are delighted to have introduced a new labelling system to simplify Goods Out and our customers’ Goods In.

Barcode labels carry a wealth of information

Working with software engineers from RADAN, our staff have developed an innovative barcode-based labelling system which is linked to the software that we use to track orders through the manufacturing process and across the shop floor. Now, once fabrications have been finished and packaged for despatch, they are marked with a barcode label that details the corresponding order number, enabling customers to easily check their goods in upon delivery. It also ensures that no time is wasted trying to decipher difficult handwritten labels.

We worked with the RADAN support team to create a label report that uses information pulled directly from our e2i (Estimate to Invoice) database. So, in addition to the order number, each label also details the quantity of each part ordered, provides a written description and, importantly, a route number (a number that allows us to trace the ‘route’ the fabrication took across the shop floor).

Upholding quality standards with full product traceability

The inclusion of a route number on each printed label means that on the rare occasion that a quality issue arises it can be effectively dealt with. Using this number Hitherbest staff can identify which members of staff worked on the fabrication in question, and the exact pieces of equipment they used, allowing us to find out how the problem arose and efficiently correct it.

We are delighted to say that, so far, feedback from our customers has been extremely positive. Introductions like the new labelling system, which simplify the goods in process, free up our customers’ time so that they can concentrate instead on their core business goals.

The Hitherbest difference

We believe that it is our constant innovation, pursuit of excellence and unparalleled customer service that sets Hitherbest apart from other fabrication businesses. If you are looking for a new manufacturing partner and want to see the Hitherbest difference for yourself then please do get in touch.

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