‍Architectural Encasements

Hitherbest produces encasements ranging from column casings to pipe boxing for clients in the construction and refurbishment sectors.

At Hitherbest, we work with a number of customers in the construction and refurbishment sectors, supplying them with architectural fabrications for indoor and outdoor spaces in public and private buildings including hotels, retail spaces, hospitals, offices, schools and universities.
Powder-coated aluminium or steel is frequently used to construct durable and attractive encasements designed to hide unsightly beams, pipework and cabling. It is also the ideal choice of material for flashings, cappings and copings designed to protect buildings from the worst of the British weather.

Why partner with Hitherbest?

Hitherbest has industry-leading equipment and decades of experience working with companies operating in the architectural sector, offering production runs of standard-size encasements as well as competitively priced made-to-measure bespoke items.

Unlike many of our competitors, Hitherbest is able to produce column casings up to 4m in length, which can be easily stacked to create longer casings as appropriate. Our skilled team is able to manufacture casings with circular, semi-circular, square, rectangular or elliptical profiles, with or without access points, to suit the needs of your project. We also have the capability to manufacture attractive rings and collars as required.

Choose from a range of stylish finishes

We can produce decorative encasements to your specifications, with a brushed, polished or powder-coated finish, depending on your colour preference and whether the fabrication is destined for indoor or outdoor use. Polyester powder coating produces a waterproof finish and is therefore often the finish of choice for outdoor casings and ductwork, plus coping, capping and liners. Biocidal coatings are available for encasements destined for a healthcare, education or scientific setting.

We are also able to offer our customers the opportunity to emboss their logos or branding onto their encasements, to ensure that they receive the recognition their work deserves for years to come.


Architectural fabrications produced by our specialist team include:

  • Beam and column casings 
  • Pipe boxing
  • Trunking
  • Cladding
  • Flashings
  • Coping
  • End caps
  • Joint covers
  • Bracketry
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