Powder Coating

A durable and protective finish for metal fabrications, available in a dazzling range of colours and textures.

With over 35 years’ experience under our belts, we have powder coating covered.

A durable and scratch-resistant finish

Powder coating is the ideal choice of finish for many of the products that are fabricated from sheet metal, destined for outdoor or indoor applications.

The process applies a polyester (epoxy polyester or polyurethane) powder, containing pigment, resin and other agents, to grounded metal work by electrostatic spray deposition. The coating is then cured in an oven to produce a painted layer.

As powder coated finishes are made up of long and highly cross-linked molecules, they are very durable and resistant to chipping and scratching. For sheet metal fabrications designed to be used outdoors, or in other challenging environments, durability and corrosion-resistance can be further enhanced by applying a primer or selecting a textured powder coating.

Coatings in colours and textures to suit every application

Powder coated finishes are available in a wide choice of colours. At Hitherbest, we hold a range of standard RAL colours in stock – shown here on our Colour Reference Guide. Other colours are available on request. We can even colour match to a sample, if required.

Standard coatings are available in a variety of gloss levels, ranging from matte (c. 30% ) to high-gloss (c.80%). 

High gloss coatings are aesthetically appealing and, generally, easier to clean, However, where durability is a priority, or the manufacturing process results in small surface imperfections, a textured finish may be preferable. Customers can choose from a textured (sand), ripple (leatherette) or hammered finish. Please contact our sales manager, Adam, for further information.

Antimicrobial coatings for peace of mind

Powder coating is a solvent-free process, making it ideally suited to healthcare applications or those customers looking to reduce the environmental impact of their production. 

In addition, antimicrobial powder coatings are widely available. These formulations use silver ion technology to inhibit bacterial growth on the painted surface and are typically chosen for fabrications destined for healthcare, scientific or agricultural applications.

A local powder coating specialist

Hitherbest has been offering a powder coating service since the company was established in 1985 and has considerable expertise in this area.

On our automated track we can coat and cure single surfaces measuring 4 x 1.5m

For larger or irregular fabrications, we have a painting booth and a box oven capable of curing fabrications measuring 3m\(^2\).

We use the GEMA Optiflex powder coating system, with both manual and automatic super corona guns. In-built precise charge control technology prevents powder from becoming overcharged and improves the quality of the finish, particularly the penetration of powder into corners – ideal for complex fabrications.

Finally, we use modulating burners to give us maximum control over the heat signatures within our ovens, improving temperature uniformity and, therefore, the quality and consistency of the painted finish. Modulating burners are also more efficient than on/off burners, which reduces the environmental footprint of the process.

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