May 2023

Wearing it Green for Mental Health Awareness Week


Hitherbest is showing its support for Mental Health Awareness Week by holding its first Wear it Green Day!

Hitherbest is showing its support for Mental Health Awareness Week by holding its first Wear it Green Day! Wear it Green Day is a simple way for organisations to raise money to support charities working in the mental health sector. Hitherbest has pledged that for every staff member wearing something green to work on Thursday 18th May, the company will donate £10 to a local mental health charity. Staff from all across the business have really got behind the idea with some bold jumpers, T-shirts and even green nail polish on display! The initiative is thought to have raised in excess of £200.

Mental Health Awareness Week, now in its 23rd year, runs from 15-21 May and is hosted by the charity Mental Health Foundation. The theme this year is ‘anxiety’. Across the UK, people are encouraged to get involved by sharing their experience of anxiety and the things that can help with the hashtag #ToHelpMyAnxiety. 

Alexa Charnley, Director of Fundraising and Communications at the Mental Health Foundation, said: “We all experience anxiety but sometimes it can get out of control and become a mental health problem. However, there are things we can do to manage feelings of anxiety and stop them becoming overwhelming. For example, breathing exercises, physical activity, speaking to a trusted friend, or keeping a diary. You can find more information and guidance on our website”.

Hitherbest is exploring a range of ways to support its staff with their mental health. Mental health first aid training is being rolled out to managers, to enable them to better identify and support those staff members with poor mental health. In the next few days the company is set to welcome a local mental health support worker who will be talking to staff about the importance of good mental health and practical steps we can all take to manage our mental health. In addition, this year, as in previous years, Hitherbest will be carrying out a staff survey. The survey acts as a barometer of the mental health of the workforce and allows the company to identify factors that may be causing stress or anxiety so that it can take action to eliminate them.

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