Our Capabilities

Fully-equipped to handle
your every requirement.

We are constantly investing in our West Midlands factory,
which is equipped with:
+  A Radan CAD CAM design and programming suite
+  2x Trumpf Trumatic punch press machines
+  1x Amada Quattro 2.5 kW laser cutting machine
+  3x Amada CNC press brakes
+  A powder coating track system, capable of coating single pieces of metal 4m x 1.5m
+  A powder coating box oven, capable of curing items 3m²
+  2x Baileigh Industrial roll bending machines
+  4x welding bays, equipped for MIG, TIG, stud and spot welding
+  2x linishing cells
+  A dedicated assembly and packaging area
+  A fleet of vehicles

Our capabilities

Design & Programming Suite

Highly skilled programming engineers with experience in Radan and Solidworks CAD/CAM design.

Comprehensive design for manufacture service enabling efficient and cost-effective fabrication.

Proven track record in iterative prototype development.


2 Trumpf punch press machines, each with a 2.5 x 1.25m bed able to accommodate 4m sheets.

Over 265 punching tools.

Skilled operatives with 46 years’ combined experience.

Laser Cutting

Amada Quattro 2.5kW laser capable of cutting up to 12mm thick mild steel.

Flying-optic cutting head with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.01mm.

1.25 x 1.25m bed, accessible from 3 sides for manual repositioning of larger sheets.

Bending & Rolling

3 Amada press brake machines, with a capacity of up to 170 tonnes, able to bend sheet metal up to 4m in length.

2 Baileigh hydraulic roll bending machines and skilled operative specialising in rolled fabrications.

Powder Coating

Automated track able to handle parts measuring up to 4 x 1.5m.

Box oven for bulky fabrications, capable of curing powder-coated parts up to 3m\(^2\).

A range of standard RAL colours in stock, others available on request.

Welding, Linishing & Assembly

4 welding cells and skilled staff able to undertake both MIG and TIG welding.

2 linishing pens for deburring and polishing.

Dedicated assembly area, with staff able to source and fit metal and non-metal parts.