July 2023

Paint-line investment to reap rewards


Hitherbest is once again offering a full powder coating service, now that work to replace the company’s conveyorised paint-line is complete.

The £350,000 investment is expected to deliver significant efficiency savings – reducing specific gas consumption, electricity consumption, powder wastage and the time spent on coating operations. Hitherbest is confident that customers will be delighted with the quality of the painted finish and, over the long term, benefit from the reliability of the company’s powder coating service. As the new system is able to automatically monitor the wear and tear of key components, production managers will be able to minimise plant downtime by scheduling maintenance before technical issues arise.

The new paint-line system boasts a 56.5m conveyorized track, 6 automatic and 2 manual painting guns for electrostatic powder deposition and an 18m long tunnel oven. It also features a high efficiency powder recovery and colour change system, that enables the user to switch the colour or type of powder being applied in as little as 3 – 12 minutes. The conveyorised track system is suitable for the coating of parts measuring 4 x 1.7m.

Hitherbest has offered a powder coating service since the company was established 38 years ago. In addition to the conveyorised track-based system, the company also has 2 manual coating booths and a box oven large enough to cure fabrications measuring 3m2. This additional facility enables the company to powder coat a wider variety of fabrications. It was also invaluable while work to replace the conveyorised powder coating plant was underway, enabling some powder coating to continue on site. Having these 2 options for powder coating is just one reason why businesses looking to outsource fabrication and powder coating, choose Hitherbest. Knowing that a key supplier has a readily available alternative means of production in the event of equipment shutdown, makes contingency planning straightforward.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of partnering with Hitherbest, contact us today.

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