Satisfying, productive, creative – why it’s great to be a woman in engineering

June 2019

In the run up to International Women in Engineering Day 2019, owner and Director Dr. Nicky Evans reflects on her first year at Hitherbest and why she would like to encourage all young people to consider a career in engineering.

There is something hugely satisfying about working in an engineering company – for me there is definitely a kind of thrill in knowing that our fabrications can be found in machinery and buildings up and down the country and that they are being used by thousands of people. I really didn’t expect that I would have that sort of reaction to this new role!”

“I’ve always loved science, probably because I’m a naturally curious person and want to understand how things work. I have a PhD in Biophysics and worked in biological research for a number of years. Cutting edge research is intellectually demanding, and can be fascinating, but sometimes you can strive for years and years to answer a question which only a handful of other academics can immediately relate to. There are definitely times when you question whether or not the long, lonely hours are worth it and what you’ve achieved!”

“In contrast, the fabrications that Hitherbest produce find their way into all manner of innovative products, many that perform really essential functions – components of HVAC systems or electrical distribution machinery for example. Unlike scientific research, which can often be a case of one step forward and two steps back, time spent at Hitherbest feels really productive because I know that our fabrications are being used to solve real-world problems.”

“The team at Hitherbest is terrific and contains among the most committed people I’ve ever worked with. Some of our staff have been with us for decades and their collective breadth of knowledge and skill set is a huge asset to the company. I expected to find people with great technical expertise in a company like this but there are so many outlets for creativity and problem-solving too. We often work with our customers to develop new products and optimise them for production and that requires a real mix of creative and technical skills. There really is space for all kinds of people in a company like this and I’m not sure that young people are aware of the amazing career opportunities in engineering and manufacturing firms like ours. It’s just one of the reasons why I’ve just trained as a mentor for One Million Mentors and will be working with young people from our local community to discuss their aspirations for the future.”

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