Sheet Metal Bending & Folding

With our vast array of press brakes and tooling we are equipped with the versatility to meet even the most complex projects.

The high-tech capabilities of these machines allow us to work free from traditional limitations encountered during fabrication processes. Our experienced team are here to give you the peace of mind that your project will be completed with unparalleled precision.

Every production order is as individual as our clients and we understand that to you, your required product is an extension of yourself or your company. We offer the same attention to detail with the product as we do to our relationships with our long-standing clientele.

The modern CNC controlled machines used in our facility are capable of accurately positioning cut parts to achieve high quality and precise bends.

Our advanced Amada press brakes are capable of extreme versatility in the face of complex projects.

This means we can offer a competitive price for any and all projects of varying complexities to an industry high standard.