An embossed logo on your fabrication will make your branding last

April 2019

Over recent months the Hitherbest team have received a number of enquiries and requests from customers regarding the embossing of sheet metal fabrications. Many of our savvy customers are considering shifting to embossing as a means of branding products with their company logo, and are turning their backs on less durable alternatives such as stickers.

Embossing is a process that creates a pattern, such as a company logo, as a raised mark on a material. The reverse operation, in which a pattern is generated in sunken relief, is known as debossing or impressing. At Hitherbest we have the capability to emboss or deboss fabrications to our customers specifications using bespoke tooling for our sophisticated Trumpf Trumatic punch press machines.

For regular customers willing to make the investment in bespoke tooling, embossing represents a smart choice. As press tooling is extremely durable, embossing has the potential to deliver a long-term cost saving when compared to other means of branding metal products such as stickers or screen printing. More importantly, an embossed logo looks extremely professional, cannot be removed, replaced or defaced, and will resist wear and tear.

If you would like to learn more about sheet metal embossing, or our other capabilities, then please contact a member of the Hitherbest team today.


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