Sheet Metal Fabrication

We are here to offer you a range of choices and procedures when it comes to completing products allowing you, the client, to fully appreciate the accuracy and quality that our team can provide.

Our facilities house efficiently manned fabrication and welding bays, manned by experienced operators giving you confidence in the quality of your products and designs. Incorporating on-site manufactured jigs and fittings we can achieve unmatched consistency and efficient fabrication runs.

When it comes to welding we have years of experience standing with us. We offer all of the processes you would expect from a high standard company, including:

Upon completion of your required product, we can offer a number of possible finishes and assembly packages to allow you seamless incorporations of your product. Whether it be high-quality finishes in public sector areas or tough and long lasting powder coating for industrial usage, we offer a wide range of options to suit you.

Our on-site powder coating system incorporates both manual and computer-controlled coating guns which, in conjunction with our 60m track and box ovens, allows us to cope with even the largest of batch productions. It also means we have more control and versatility compared to competitors which outsource the finishing of your products. We stock a wide selection of colours and our long-term relationships with suppliers allow for a quick and worry free completion and delivery timeline.

To add to this we also offer an in-house assembly service before delivery allowing a smooth installation of your product as it’s arriving at your doorstep ready to fit. Products are securely packaged to client specifications to prevent damage and can be delivered in branded packaging if required.